CAVER is your ideal resource and natural springboard for Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Take a peek at current ICO opportunities from across the globe, list your own ICOs for free, and make inroads into Korea and Japan – the heart of cryptocurrency fever in the world.
Accelerating Project Daanbee transforms the offline stores by using online strategies in a rapidly changing IT environments.
Launched in November 2017, this Korean-language satellite of the world-famous Fintech School is dedicated to becoming the premier educational hub for fintech training and instruction within the burgeoning Korean market.
With 2 mining operations in South Korea, Tristar Ventures has targeted 2,000 GPU miners by the end of 2Q 2018. Simultaneous to this expansion, our hardware architects are continually seeking and implementing innovation and improved efficiencies in mining processes.

Tristar Ventures.
We do Blockchain!

Tristar Ventures is a global company that was established for a technological innovation
in various industries, including blockchain, one of the major driving technologies in the
fourth industrial revolution.

About us

We are creating a new value as an accelerator by bringing various utilizations
of blockchain technologies and supporting the best startups in different industries.

Our team

Great performance is possible when you have great members bringing their
unique ideas, perspectives and skillsets.

Our partners

Our relationship brings more expertise, energy and indeed, the persuasive
influence to spur action and change.

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We’d like to hear your story and discuss what matters most to you.


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